Japanese Cuisine

Chikuyotei’s dishes embody a timelessness shaped by discerning palates for well over a century. Established as a fine dining restaurant in 1851. We specialise in Unagi (Japanese Eel), seasonal Omakase and ala carte and were the first Japanese Eel restaurant to be awarded the Michelin star in Japan. In 1992, we arrived on the shores of Singapore.

We source for fresh, premium ingredients with our fully owned food sourcing company in Japan. Live catch delivered directly from ports. Grade A meats from prime locations, particularly Kagoshima Kurobuta and Kagoshima Wagyu beef. Sake and Shochu selected for quality and not convenience, even if it involves travelling to breweries and distilleries in the most remote of prefectures.

Our chefs, trained in Japan with decades of experience under their belts, possess a masterclass of knowledge in Japanese dine-dining. They will transform our premium ingredients into an exotic culinary experience for you.

With 15 years of training and experience, our seasoned chefs and their brigade of cooks transform raw ingredients into divine dishes that are full of masterful flavours. Specialising in Japanese eel that we serve in Tokyo style and Seasonal Omakase. It is out mission to bring you a world-class dining experience that will make you come back for more.