Japanese Fine Dining Shaped by Centuries, and a Michelin Star

Chikuyotei is a Japanese fine-dining chain specialising in Unagi (Japanese Eel) and Omakase. Our dishes embody a longstanding tradition of perfection which originates from the year 1851.

We were the first Unagi restaurant in Japan to be awarded the Michelin Star.

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Awarded the Michelin Star, our Unagi dishes come as fresh as they can be. Japanese eels are nurtured under temperature-controlled conditions in our restaurant to keep them nourished and relaxed. The result is an unparalleled tenderness and taste.


Our chefs, trained in Japan, have decades of experience and are adept in the art of surprising you with dishes crafted from the freshest produce of the season.


Seafood Sashimi

Freshness and seasonal variety are a given since we source directly from Japan’s ports. Their catch is delivered to us the day after it is caught.

Kagoshima Wagyu

Savour steaks with splendid marbling, sourced directly from the Capital of Wagyu, Kagoshima. Grades of up to A4 available.

Kurobuta Pork

Odourless, naturally sweet and valuable for good reason, Kurobuta Pork comes from black pigs raised on sweet potato. Tantalise your taste buds in thin muscle fibres and a unique texture that will redefine the notion of pork for you.

Sake and Shochu

We travel to breweries and distilleries across the prefectures in Japan to source for an exclusive of Sake and Shochu that you will only find in Chikuyotei.


If you crave Japanese cuisine that is not on our menu, we can make special arrangements for you. We have access to exotic ingredients via a fully owned food sourcing company in Japan.

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